Young boy never broke again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Lyrics

You know what the fuck it is, nigga
You know, Life Before Fame, you know
YoungBoy, you know, we winnin’, yeah
NBA Beanie signing in nigga

You already know what the fuck it is, nigga (For real)
Yeah, NBA the NavySeals, you already know from the South of Chippewa
You know what the fuck it is (Yeah)
Yeah, you know shoutout to my gang

What up Connor? What up Kyle? What up NBA Ben?
You already know

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Lyrics

In my hood used to want to be Nino
Put my headphones in, bumping Ochocinco
I won’t die, this shit gon’ end, will I see tomorrow?
Pull on side me like I’m Biggie, send ’em through the car door (Bap, bap-bap-bap-bap)

Looked up to French Montana ’cause I wanted dope
Turned a gram into a ball, I got on my toes
Listen to Scooter cause I keep them shooters where I show (Shooters with me)
Monique say, “Believe yourself, you gotta have some hope” (Gotta believe in myself)

Big city, a way of thinking, bitch my life a movie
Know I’ma be the man, I’ma have these hoes choosin’
I want fifty grand in my pants like I’m Boosie
And get back to the hood, like I’m Frank Lucas (Like, like I’m Frank Lucas)

Jesus piece around my neck, I’m strapped up with that Tec
Think you finna disrespect me? All I did for my respect (Young nigga)
Please don’t get up outta line, I’m coming at yo’ neck
Straight headshots, it don’t make sense to wear a vest

I ain’t cut no corners wit’ chu, tell you like it is (Nah)
Be around trained shooters, NBA the NavySeals
We’ll write you to this shit, I wish he had a deal (I wish)
And I ain’t never had shit, just wanna touch a mill’

No music, no hook, nah
Mind of a Menace had the whole world shook
Nigga run up on me, stuntin’, fuck around and get took

Pap, ready? And Connor comin’ right behind him with the Mac-11
YoungBoy (Bah

Bitch, it’s lit, NBA Connor signing in, nigga
Nigga, we ain’t dream chasers, nigga, we make dreams nigga
You know what the fuck it is, nigga
Bow, Youngboy eat ’em up

Nowadays everybody want fame
These niggas don’t know me, speak death on my name
The police, they want me because of my gang
These bitches be fake and these niggas, they lame
Do a hundred years and I still won’t change

I don’t know that nigga, tell ’em stay in his lane (Nah)
Pistol to his face if he say my name, my name (YoungBoy)
Told Pap go in and come outta there (Hit ’em up and come out)
Police ridin’, tryna see where we posted at (Tell ’em I said, “Fuck ’em”)
Pull up on they block, shots fired where they posted at (Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow)

Connor say, “Fuck ’em,” I catch ’em, go huntin’
They dissin’ my city, I bet you won’t come in here
Tell him hop out, I’m shootin’ out the window
Dreamin’ to the ceiling, I ain’t worried about a nigga
Let him run up on me and I bet he get his issue

Pap strapped up, guarantee that he flip ’em (Grrah)
Brrr, bow, bitch, I came straight from the gutter
Hit a lot of licks, just me and my brother
Got into some beef with them niggas, they ain’t touch us (Nah)

Float around, found out where them niggas hustle
Hop out wit’ somethin’, when I shoot that bitch stutter (Grrah)
Steady going jail, bitch, stay outta trouble
Feelin’ like fuck ’em, added time to my sentence, you a dirty motherfucker

They say they fuck with me and then they changed on me
NBA my gang (Bang, bang), homie, what I claim homie, yeah

All fam, no fame (Squad)
NBA my gang nigga, you know what the fuck it is mane
Life Before Fame, I told them I was coming home
It’s the motherfucking takeoff
Let’s get it

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