9 Exciting Shows to Watch While Anticipating The Night Agent Season 2

9 Exciting Shows to Watch While Anticipating The Night Agent Season 2

9. The Bodyguard 

David Budd, a police sergeant and veteran with PTSD, takes center stage in The Bodyguard. The series, distinguished by its exploration of heavier themes like government surveillance and terrorism

8. The Americans (2013-2018)

The Americans follows two KGB intelligence officers posing as an American couple. The series masterfully balances the lead couples' relationship with the expected action sequences of a spy drama, culminating in a highly praised series finale

7. Alias (2001-2006)

CIA double agent, navigates dangerous missions while concealing her work from loved ones. Despite some reviews suggesting a dip in quality towards the end

6. Citadel (2023 )

Follow former spies Mason and Nadia as they piece together their past to thwart rival agency Manticore's world domination plans.

5.  Jack Ryan 

John Krasinski’s version of CIA analyst Jack Ryan takes center stage as he unravels suspicious bank activity and becomes entangled in thrilling government conspiracies and crime operations with each season.

4. Slow Horses

M15 agents, downgraded for lackluster performance, are thrust into protecting England from danger, mirroring Peter’s experience in The Night Agent.

3. Lupin

Assane Diop embarks on a mystery thriller, conning the wealthy Pellegrini family after his father’s death. Praised for its unexpected plot twists and Omar Sy’s compelling portrayal, Lupin keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with each episode

2. The Night Manager (2016)

Jonathan, the night manager of a hotel and a former soldier, becomes embroiled in action and crime after years of uneventful work, paralleling Peter’s journey in The Night Agent.

1. Reacher (2022)

Character from Lee Child’s book series, as he investigates local murders, stumbling upon a government conspiracy.