Top 10 Fantasy Series

Journey into Imagination: Top Fantasy Series Picks for 2024

The Midnight Gospel

interviewing bizarre multiverse creatures in this hilarious and thought-provoking animated gem by the creator of "Adventure Time.

Glitch Tech

Think “Jumanji” meets “Tron” with a healthy dose of meta humor.

The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia, the monster-hunting grump with a heart of gold (or at least something close to it), returns for more monster-slaying action

The Good Place

Technically ended in 2020, but this philosophical comedy deserves a rewatch! A morally questionable Eleanor ends up in the afterlife by mistake


A young woman discovers she can manipulate time after a near-death experience, using her newfound ability to solve her father’s murder.

The Wheel of Time

This series promises a complex plot, diverse characters, and stunning visuals. Get ready to get lost in this richly imagined world